Jasmine Medina

Very blessed to be in business with a woman of such high caliber Mrs. Veronica Jaime. She always surrounds us with the best of the best, equipping us for a successful future! Again, she has hosted a successful woman mentoring woman events for all of her Diamond ladies. she definitely sales us the dream day in and day out! Thanks to the associations and great mentorships that she provides and surrounds us with, I walk taller and feel beyond confident to attack my daily task everyday!!

Kiki Luquin

“The Women Mentoring Women was such an empowering experience. Not only did we get to hear from the number one lady in Diamond (Veronica Jaime), but she also put in front of us another Latina Woman in business. Arie Rose has built herself ground up and it’s empowering to see women winning in business. I love that our leaders are constantly trying to improve and as a result we improve as well. The associations that are built at events like this is what makes us become greater and strive to improve all of those around us. Thank you Vero for hosting this amazing event.” 

Marisol Alfaro

Our CEO Veronica Jaime Brings events not only bring  us together with in our WFG organization, but it encouraged us that as women we are enormously gifted and talented and as so we should strive to have no glass ceilings. We learned that EXECUTION is key, without it we will not move our lives, business or futures to the next level. Overall this event gave me hope that we all encounter failures, but that it is also part of our journey for what our future holds in store for us as long as we EXCUTE and keep on keeping on. Thank you Veronica for always equipping us with nothing but the best; a true honor to be part of your organization.